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- Anita B., Silicon Valley, CA
My son and his wife live in my home in Silicon Valley. Their electric bills were over $300 so we decided to go solar.

I called Coastwide for an electric service panel upgrade and solar quote last month. Mickey, the owner, came out, evaluated the situation, looked at the electrical usage and offered us a great deal if we did both at the same time. Their price was literally thousands of $$$ less than the competing quotes I received and their reviews were all very favorable - so we went with Coastwide. Mickey and his crew were nothing short of amazing! They arranged everything with PG&E for the service panel upgrade, handled all the plans and permits, had all the materials delivered right to our location and finished the install in a couple of days.

They also set up the solar monitoring so we could keep an eye on the solar production and handled the NET metering application with PGE. Mickey was onsite and active in the process throughout. Not often do you see the actual contractor working hand in hand with their crew at the job site. The whole job went so smoothly and Mickey kept us informed and updated all along. We could not be happier and highly recommend Coastwide Electric for your solar and electrical needs.

- M.M., San Jose, CA
There is no need to look any further, Mickey and his crew are the electrical professionals you are looking for! Hire these guys and let them get to work and get the job done for you, you won't regret it!

I typically don't do reviews but these guys totally deserve it. I had been talking to many electricians trying to find the right people for the job for some time and luckily eventually found Mickey.

He has great communication, returning all my calls and texts. He's punctual, always on time and never wasted mine. He's a knowledgeable experienced electrical professional that knows his trade. He was quick to take stock of the job and make really good recommendations on how to proceed. He knew how much work, how long it would take, and how much it would cost. He was matter of fact and no BS. He knew how to navigate the city permit process and inspections and let me know what to expect ahead of time and handled the inspector and PG&E disconnect and reconnect appointments like a pro.

He and his crew did a great job upgrading my 100 amp electrical panel to a modern 200 amp capacity. They drove in two separate grounding rods to bring me up to code. We pulled circuits in attic for future solar panels, a big one for car charger in garage, two new multi function Panasonic whisper quiet bathroom ceiling fan/heat/light and wall switches, one for each bathroom, they are great! We pulled circuit for new heater and air conditioner to relocate in the attic, new attic light and on/off switch per code, and a new attic fan.

They also did a few side jobs while we were at it, we cleaned up some old issues, repositioning laundry plug receptacle, new garage door opener power receptacle, and replaced 4 old can spot lights in kitchen with new sealed LED spot lights, and grounded the water heater. They also pulled a circuit for the external air conditioner condenser in the back of the house. There might be more but that's all I can think of now.

The whole crew was great, did great work, clean work, no shortcuts, everything was professionally done. I was looking for a good electrician to establish a good relationship with for my current and any future electrical needs, I'm happy I found Mickey and his crew, I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again.

- Anja Hamilton, Morgan Hill, CA
What impressed us most about this company was the high caliber of their team members that we had the pleasure of working with.

Mickey and his crew were responsible for the solar installation, and Mickey always showed up exactly when he said he would. Spot on. He and his crew always left the work site clean, and closed everything up at the end of the day. They also had to take down an old solar system we still had on the roof and they did that flawlessly. Mickey is also a really nice guy to chat with.

jeff, who was responsible for coordinating the solar installation was amazing. He took care of everything, from setting up the solar application on our laptop to dealing with the inspectors and fighting his way through the PG&E bureaucracy to get us registered. The city inspector had quite a "flexible" schedule (some 4-6 hour time windows) and both Jeff and Mickey would stand outside in the rain waiting for him (I did ask them to come inside, but they said they're happy to chat outside in the rain). They both are just amazing. Jeff also is available on an ongoing basis to help with the metering and any solar troubleshooting.


What impressed us most about this company was the high caliber of their team members that we had the pleasure of working with.

Mickey and his crew were responsible for the solar installation, and Mickey always showed up exactly when he said he would.

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